Dry Cleaning Done to Perfection

At New City Cleaners, we're not satisfied until your fabrics look as beautiful as they did the day you purchased them-even if that means taking extra time to treat the same shirt two, three, and even four times until the stain is gone.

Our attention to detail and personalized care means that you can leave your cherished items with us, confident that we'll do everything in our power to make sure that they are returned to you looking spectacular.

Four Reasons to Choose New City Cleaners

1. As the region's only Sanitone Certified Master Dry Cleaner, we offer our clients unsurpassed quality care, using the best spotting agents, detergents, and sizings from the leader in dry cleaning chemistry since 1932.

2. New City Cleaners uses Stoddard solvent, a gentle but effective solvent that allows your fabrics to retain their original colors and texture. Stoddard solvent is a natural solvent that allows fabrics to retain their original look and feel.

3. Not all dry cleaning equipment is created equal. Different processes and equipment are used for different garments and fabrics. We are pleased to have a variety of presses and cleaning procedures to handle each garment and fabric appropriately. Some are better for small jobs, like shirts and blouses. Some machines handle linens and delicate fabrics with ease. We use the most technologically advanced specialized equipment to ensure that your treasured fabrics receive the best care possible.

4. Stains are seldom the same twice, and only a dedicated professional can draw on years of experience to find the best custom cleaning solution for your fabrics. Cleaning is a career for those of us at New City Cleaners, and we take pride in knowing that our clients can rely on our staff's dedication to produce premium quality cleaning, each and every time.

The Experience of Yesterday, The Knowledge of Today

Environmental Standards

While we focus on keeping your clothes looking exceptional, we're also deeply committed to doing our part for a clean environment. How? We use the most advanced distillation equipment to recycle our drycleaning fluid right on the premises. Our processes meet or exceed clean air and water standards. We dispose of materials using the best method for the environment. Being a responsible citizen is part of our promise of five-star excellence.

Cherished Articles

With the same attention to detail, New City Cleaners also cares for christening gowns, baptismal gowns, doll clothes and other cherished articles.




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