Wedding Gowns

Cleaning, restoration and preservation of wedding gowns and other cherished garments have distinguished New City Cleaners for many years.

To clean and restore beaded and antique wedding gowns, we use Stoddard solvent, the most gentle of all drycleaning solvents, and the most advanced detergents, sizings and spotting agents from Sanitone.

Further, to ensure a like-new condition, we sew your gown's beads and sequins both before and after cleaning. Then we have experienced finishers use the pressing equipment that is appropriate for your gown's particular fabric. Finally, to protect against oxidation and moisture, your gown is preserved with our special heirlooming packaging.

With the same attention to detail, New City Cleaners also cares for christening gowns, baptismal gowns, doll clothes or other cherished articles. This is why New City Cleaners has earned the reputation within the drycleaning industry of expertly handling delicate and antique wedding gowns and garments.

New City Cleaners is a proud member of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists.

New City Cleaners ships all across the United States.

Veils and Slips

When so much care goes into choosing the right veil for your wedding ensemble, you want to make sure that you select a dry cleaner who cares as much as you do about preserving memories of your special day.




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